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    Configuration issues when upgrading to version 6

    When I upgraded a test server to version 6, it would no longer start successfully. I received a series of errors about my configuration file. Whilst I can manually fix these on my test server, what do I do about my customers and their existing configuration files? It will be a major pain to provide them all with instructions on what they have to manually add or remove from the LS config file just to be able to run with the new version. Is there anything I can refer to that documents this sort of thing? Do I just comment out the obsolete stuff or am I supposed to replace it?

    These are the errors I got in the order I received them:
    Error Solution
    "Unexpected obsolete <monitor_enabled> element" commented it out
    "Unexpected obsolete <monitor_provider> element" commented it out
    "Mandatory configuration tag 'mpn.reaction_on_database_failure" added it in
    No monitoring page anymore added <dashboard> element

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