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    Multiple list of fields/schemas with a single connection


    We are using Ls Client in Flex and have used four(4) different data fields set/ data schemas. Each data field schema is used with a single connection and adapter. so, there are 4 connections to be used to handle the four data fields lists / four data schema sets.

    Question is how we can make it with a single connection to handle the four different data fields lists / four different data schema sets.


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    Hi mhasan,

    The only way to share the same Lightstreamer session, and then use a single object LSClient, is to have a single Adapters Set.

    Please note that an Adapter Set is made up of one Metadata Adapter and one or multiple Data Adapters.
    If currently, you have deployed on your Lightstreamer server 4 Adapters each in a different Adapter Set, you have to evaluate the possibility to merge them into a single Adapters Set.
    In this case, the Metadata Adapters will be unique, and therefore its functionality will be common through the Adapters.

    An example that shows how to integrate two Adapters in the same Adapter Set is the "Full Version of the Portfolio Demo", please refer to this GitHub project.




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