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    Replace Adapter without restart of Light Streamer service


    We start LS server, and we start the Adapters on corresponding ports.
    Everything is OK.

    Now we want to replace one of Adapters with new version.
    How can we do that without restart of the LS sever.

    Best regards !

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    Hi Slavko,

    in order to replace one of your .NET Adapter without the need to restart the Lightstreamer server instance, you should switch to the "Robust" versions of the Proxy Data and Proxy Metadata Adapters. You can get more information on this by looking at the following references:

    1) .NET Adapter Development (Paragraph 1.4)
    2) Stock-List Demo .NET Adapter ("Install" section)

    But please pay closer attention to how you manage the phase transition, as the restart operation might not run smoothly: for example, the new Adapter instance should take care of all pending requests submitted by clients already connected before the restart has taken place.




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