Hi, I am new to lightstreamer and have some issue when testing the .Net version of Stock list demo.

I see a few places I need to make changes but not quite sure what I do is correct:

1. In adaptor.xml
<adapters_conf id="STOCKLISTDEMO_REMOTE">.
This needs to be the same in client
var lsClient = new LightstreamerClient(hostToUse,"STOCKLISTDEMO_REMOT E");

2. In adaptor.xml
<data_provider name="QUOTE_ADAPTER">
finds its mapping in client

3. in client
lsClient.connectionSharing.enableSharing("RemoteSt ockListConnection", "ATTACH", "CREATE");
Does "RemoteStockListConnection" needs to correspond to something in somewhere else?

4. I put the adaptor/feed in one project and the launcher in another but them in one solution. Then I find many files in the debug folder as a result of building from sources. It looks like these files are similar to those in the deployment folder. I think the bat file is added later.

in the custom bat file the command:
start "StockListDemoRemoteAdapters" /MIN DotNetStockListDemoLauncher_N2 /host localhost /data_rrport 6661 /data_notifport 6662 /metadata_rrport 6663 max_bandwidth=40 max_frequency=3 buffer_size=30

What does "StockListDemoRemoteAdapters" correspond to?
Does "DotNetStockListDemoLauncher_N2" mean "DotNetStockListDemoLauncher_N2.exe"?

I put move the stocklist_socket folder under deployment_LS into lightstreamer/adaptor
made changes in the client as above, and start the custom launcher bat then the lightstreamer server bat

Other than what I listed above, anything else I need to make changes to make it work?