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    A question on my adaptor performance

    I have a slight concern over performance. I say "slight" concern because this use case is not all that common for our current implementation, but it might be later on.

    Basically I have a progress bar on the client (jQuery UI) and my adaptor is sending updates for this. I can see the adaptor processing 1000 updates in about 4-500ms - which is quite fast. However, in my JavaScript client the onItemUpdate event only fires about once every second. So the adaptor is done and dusted in 500ms, but the client updates only occur once a second. Even allowing for network overhead, that is a very poor level of performance.

    The trouble is, I am not sure where I have gone wrong.

    I haven't noticed before because most of our websocket activity is infrequent (like notifications etc). This is the first time that we have something that should get very fast updates (like your telemetry demo).

    Any clues? Where should I be looking?
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    Before digging in your implementation, what server version (Moderato/Allegro/Presto/Vivace) do you have?

    Take a look here: (search the "Updates per Second" string)


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    Ah, it is the Allegro version so that explains that. I guess if we wanted Presto or Vivace we would be paying more (or our customers would be)?

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    3 updates/s and unlimited updates/s are optional features that can be purchased on the top of Allegro too, without having to go for the full Presto or Vivace editions. Please get in touch with if you need a quote.




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