Hi, I find Lightstreamer could be a very nice tool for getting streaming stock quotes from my broker to my client application. The broker API is https based and allows upto 300 symbols/request. I try to follow the stocklist demo in the installation to make this work. I have a few confusions here:

1. In the adaptor implementation, there is a init function:
public void Init(IDictionary parameters, string configFile) {
I am not sure who is listening to who here? My quest is the adaptor is listening to the data feed, correct me if I am wrong.

2. The stocklist demo uses generated data, one symbol at a time to do the event/update. (right?). If I want to get all quotes for all 300 symbols from my broker and stream all these to my client application, I think I have to process differently. Any suggestions as to the event handling? (I know I don't need the portion of code to generate fake quotes)

3. Is it possible to push quotes for all 300 symbols at once to my client application? If so, what should I do?