Hi strangecarr,

here a recap of the basic steps required to start a streaming session with IG platform:

  1. Generate a new API key for the selected account (demo or live), as per instructions you can find here
  2. Login to the chosen environment by using the session API (see the POST method, version 3). Please consider that you can accomplish this task even by using the API Companion, which offers you a web-based form.
  3. Login to the IG platform by using the Python API, providing the required information as per instructions you can find here; basically you have to provide data returned by the session API response, which includes the the Lightstreamer endpoint to contact, and the updated security tokens, as follows:

    where <password> has to be in the form CST-<cst_token>|XST-<x_security_token>, with <cst_token> and <x_security_token> as provided by the session API response.

Hope this helps, but please have a look at the IG documentation for getting more information.
Thanks and Regards