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    Users connecting almost exacly every 10 minutes

    Hi all,

    we are using LS for our paid news service. I recently started analysing logs and noticed that some users are logging in almost exacly every 10 minutes. I'm going to report this to our sales department, and I would like to be sure I'm not mistaking a behaviour triggered by LS for this potential illicit use of our news feed.

    Does something in LS (either the server or the Javascript library) trigger a user login every 10 minutes, like a timeout on connections or something like that?


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    Hi Gabriele,

    I confirm you that lighstreamer has no timeouts or other mechanisms that can force a client to reconnect every 10 minutes.
    Indeed, there are client-side mechanisms that help detect situations of inactivity which lead firstly to the stalled state and then to disconnection. However, these involve timeouts much shorter and should not be so regular in time.

    Anyway could you confirm if every connection is preceded by a disconnect?
    If you prefer, you can send us ( the log file, lightstreamer.log, we will look for any abnormal behavior.




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