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Thread: Exception [iOS]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dmitry Sazanovich View Post
    Would be nice to make a vote bw iOS programmers who are using this library, but I'm strongly sure that lib shouldn't throw exception.

    Agreed. I use iOS client version 1.4.3 build 163 but it is still throwing Exceptions even for NSError version methods, which sounds like a blasphemy to me.
    Exceptions should be caught at a lower level in the Lighstreamer code and converted to NSErrors.

    On another topic, I tried a quick integration test of the pod version, not to actually use it, just for future integration when it will be time to move to it.
    The thing is the pod is holding a static library, which makes it difficult/impossible to integrate in development pods:

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    Hello Romano,

    in client libraries version 1.x, there are some exceptions that we still throw from NSError methods because they are due to programmer errors. E.g. unsubscribing a table twice. Apple itself resorts to exceptions in such situations, to make the developer aware of the problem quickly.

    Anyway, as stated before, since client library 2.0 the APIs have been redesigned and error handling is now fully asynchronous. No more exceptions or even NSErrors.

    Regarding difficulties with our pods, a dependency we rely upon is distributed exclusively as a static library. As far as we know, to distribute a framework linked to a static library requires distributing the static library too, so that would not make any improvement. If you have better information to share with us, regarding these issues, we will surely consider them and take any appropriate step to improve our product.

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