We have node js implementation and we are evaluating LightStreamer for chat and real time data distribution

we installed demo on aws form your provided aws image

based on remote Node js chat adaptor the following lines

HOST = 'xx.xx.xx.xx',
WRITE_PORT = 8002,
META_PORT = 8003,

can we assume LighStream and node server can be separated? I mean different server. when we setup in different machines log of Light Stream server like the following

29.Sep.14 15:56:24,899 < INFO> Loading Metadata Adapter PROXY_NODECHAT
29.Sep.14 15:56:24,899 < INFO> Loading Data Adapter PROXY_NODECHAT.CHAT_ROOM
29.Sep.14 15:56:24,907 < INFO> Finished loading Data Adapter PROXY_NODECHAT.CHAT_ROOM
29.Sep.14 15:56:24,910 < INFO> Loading inner Proxy Data Adapter
29.Sep.14 15:56:24,930 < INFO> Connecting...
29.Sep.14 15:56:24,936 < INFO> Waiting for a connection on port 8002...
29.Sep.14 15:56:24,938 < INFO> Waiting for a connection on port 8001...
29.Sep.14 15:56:24,942 < INFO> Connecting inner Proxy Metadata Adapter
29.Sep.14 15:56:24,943 < INFO> Connecting...
29.Sep.14 15:56:24,943 < INFO> Waiting for a connection on port 8003...

and client is not working throwing the following error

WebSocket connection to 'ws://xx.xx.xx.xx/lightstreamer' failed: Error during WebSocket handshake: Unexpected response code: 200 lightstreamer.js:176

i couldn't find clear information about separated architecture how can I reach more information about the subject

Burak Tugan