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    .Net Client for JS protocol

    All the .Net and Java clients in the Lightstreamer examples seem to connect to adapters using the .txt protocol (i.e create_session.txt etc).

    Is there a .Net example client which connects to the create_session.js, bind_session.js and control.js?

    If not, would it be possible in theory to refactor the examples in .Net in order to point about them at servers that use create_session.js, bind_session.js and control.js?

    Also, the .Net client examples seem to poll the server for updates. Is there any clients which use websockets or any other asynchronous approach? From reading the Network Protocol document, I was under the impression the the request to create_session and control were synchronous, but that the bind_session request was keep open. This doesn't seem to be the case.
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    There is no way for the .NET client to use the JS protocol. Why would you want to do that?

    The .NET client should use http-streaming but may resort to polling if the streaming connection seem not to be working. The JavaScript client would do the same. See
    Are you testing the client against our server or your own? Do you have some kind of proxy in the middle?



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