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    General understanding (need help!)

    I'm using LS to get data from my broker.
    I send my username and pw to the brokers (web)server (http-post) to get the LS-username, LS-password and LS-server-address.
    Then i connect to the LS-server with "lsClient.OpenConnection(connInfo, New TestConnectionListener)".
    The server-result gives me a sessionId, controlAddress, ...
    The controlAddress is different from the LS-server-address i connected first.
    What will i have to do then????
    Do i have to make a new connection to the controlAddress (with a new LS-client)?
    How can i get the response (without wireshark)?
    Sorry for my worse english!
    We can talk about a donation if your anwser helps.

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    The controlAddress is the address to be used to issue bind_session requests; if you are using one of our client libraries you don't have to worry about it as the library will automatically send the bind_session request to the correct server (you don't have to issue any call for that to happen)

    I suppose your issue is somewhere else. Does your broker know you're autonomously using their server or are you reverse engineering their website/app? In the former case they are probably publishing some documentation that you can follow to get up and running.

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    Thank you for reply!
    Broker support helped.



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