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    Dear Mone,
    Still waiting,

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    I checked the log, I think there was a load problem on the machine.

    Unfortunately the LightstreamerMonitorText category of the log is still at INFO level (TRACE was suggested) so I can't tell if the CPU was stolen by the GC because of a shortage of memory or if the load on the machine was too much.
    Did you notice how the CPU load was through the life of the server? Was it stable (at high levels) or had spikes?
    Check the launch script of the server, (LS_HOME/bin/windows/LS.bat or LS_HOME/bin/unix/ depending on your system) is there any Xmx configured? Do you use the default GC? How much memory does the machine have?

    Do you have any chance to run a load test?

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    Dear Mone,
    I changed the log fle to TRACE and here it is after that :
    - the CPU was stable all the time.
    - i used the default G.
    - the machine is ( xeon x5660 2.8 4 cores , 16.0 GB RAM ).
    - i contacted the support before to send me alod test , but they sent me java, so i replied to them to send me a .net load test, but with no answer till now.

    Regards ,

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    I see that the log was not taken in a real condition, as a maximum of 3 sessions were probed, with no updates.
    So, it is not useful for the analysis of the previous issues.
    Note that the same log setting of LightstreamerMonitorText as TRACE can be applied in your real scenario, with no need for a restart.

    If you prefer to run a load test, you can also use the Java version, as the relevant part of the test is related with the update flow inside the Server, hence the client side is not involved. Our Load Test Toolkit uses its own clients and Adapters and requires that you configure them to simulate the traffic you expect in production. An implicit requirement is that you can estimate in some way the expected average behavior of your users, in terms of subscribed items and fields and the expected average activity of these items in terms of update rate and field length. Then you can simulate these items and fields.

    As far as your current issues are concerned, we will switch to your new forum thread.



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