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Thread: HTML 5 - IPhone

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    HTML 5 - IPhone

    I have a html 5 client that subscribes to LS 5.1.1 The subscribes works great on windows PC (IE, chrome..)
    And also works well on Mac (Chrome and Safari). Whereas when trying the same HTML 5 app on a IPhone (VPN using Junos Pluse) , i see the page loading but the subscribes does not work and LS keeps constantly trying to connect.

    If it works on Mac, should it also not work on IPhone ? Is there a difference in the way the subscription should be initialized for a iPhone

    Please advise , Thanks in advance


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    The Lightstreamer client library should work without any modification on the iphone browser.
    Could you please try one of our demo on your phone (e.g: )

    If it does not work, can you try it connecting directly to the internet? (i.e.: avoiding the VPN)

    Is the client library in use the one that ships with server 5.1.1?

    Let me know what you find out; if nothing helps we might have to enable logging on the phone.



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