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    Could you please explain what is going on exactly on the lightstreamer monitor.
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    Hi Ahmed,

    The monitor states that at the moment the screenshot was taken:
    • the server allocate about 290 MBytes of total memory for the heap (of which about 5 are free).
    • 14 sessions are established 12 in streaming mode, 2 in polling mode. Furthermore, since 14 connections are active this means 1 session : 1 connection.
    • 365 Items are subscribed and the server in the last 2 second received an average of 39.46 upd/s from the adapters.
    • The server sends to the client an average of 114.39 upd/s and from the start 578 updates have been lost (the server had to discard them from the event buffer of a client).
    • No client messages activity.
    • The thread activity is quite calm, no queued tasks.

    The server situation generally looks good and the only possible warnings seems to be:
    1. the low amount of free heap, please could you confirm the settings for JVM memory option in the LS.bat launch script?
    2. the messages lost, this may mean that one or more clients fail to processing all messages received from the server or the network bandwidth is not adequate to flow of data incoming.

    Please note that more detailed info, from the same source of the monitor console, can be find in the LightstreamerMonitorText logger. A 'grep' of all lines of that logger can give a more complete picture of the performance of the server during the day.

    You can find the complete description of the fields shown in the Monitor Console in the final paragraph (4.2.1) of the "General Concepts.pdf" document.
    For a map of the fields used in the console HTML page, please refere to the source code, /src/index.html, of this GitHub project.


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    Dear Giuseppe,
    Thanks for your good and quick reply,
    this is the LS.bat:
    @echo off

    if "%OS%" == "Windows_NT" setlocal

    rem ================================================== ==================
    rem === CHECK THIS OUT
    rem ================================================== ==================
    rem JAVA_HOME must point to your Java Development Kit installation
    set JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_05\jre

    rem ================================================== =====================
    rem === CHECK THIS OUT
    rem ================================================== =====================
    rem JAVA_OPTS should contain any Java Virtual Machine options. Here are some tips:
    rem 1) Always use the "-server" option.
    rem 2) Give more RAM to the server process, especially with heavy traffic, by specifying a min and max "heap"
    rem E.g.: If you have 4 GB and the box is dedicated to Lightstreamer, you might set 1 GB min heap and 3 GB max
    rem heap with these options: "-Xms1G -Xmx3G"
    rem 3) Choose a better "garbage collector" if you want to reduce latency. An option that often gives good results is:
    rem "-XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC". Only if you are using a very recent version of Java 7, you might prefer to try:
    rem "-XX:+UseG1GC". Many other tuning options are available (please see Oracle docs).
    set JAVA_OPTS=-server

    rem --------------------------------------------------------------------

    echo Java environment:
    echo JAVA_HOME = %JAVA_HOME%
    echo JAVA_OPTS = %JAVA_OPTS%

    rem LS_HOME takes the current directory of LS.bat and goes up two dirs
    set LS_HOME=%~dp0..\..\

    echo Lightstreamer Server directory:
    echo LS_HOME = %LS_HOME%

    if ""%1"" == ""run"" goto doStart
    if ""%1"" == ""silent"" goto doStart
    if ""%1"" == ""background"" goto doStart
    if ""%1"" == ""stop"" goto doStop
    if ""%1"" == ""restart"" goto doStop

    echo Usage: LS.bat ( command )
    echo commands:
    echo run Start Lightstreamer Server in the current window
    echo background Start Lightstreamer Server in a separate window
    echo stop Stop Lightstreamer Server
    echo restart Stop Lightstreamer Server and start a new instance in a separate window
    goto end

    rem Main class

    echo Starting Lightstreamer Server...
    echo Please check logs for detailed information.
    set class=com.lightstreamer.LS
    goto doLaunch

    echo Stopping Lightstreamer Server...
    set class=com.lightstreamer.LS_Stop
    goto doLaunch


    rem Configuration file
    set args="%LS_HOME%\conf\lightstreamer_conf.xml"

    rem Classpath
    set cpath="%LS_HOME%\lib\lightstreamer.jar";"%LS_HOME% \lib\ls-adapter-interface.jar";"%LS_HOME%\lib\ls-monitor.jar";"%LS_HOME%\lib\*"

    rem Launch command
    set command="%JAVA_HOME%\bin\java.exe" %JAVA_OPTS% -cp %cpath% %class% %args%
    set minimal_command="%JAVA_HOME%\bin\java.exe" -cp %cpath% %class% %args%

    if ""%1"" == ""run"" goto doForeground
    if ""%1"" == ""silent"" goto doSilent
    if ""%1"" == ""background"" goto doBackground
    if ""%1"" == ""stop"" goto doStop
    if ""%1"" == ""restart"" goto doSubcall

    rem call command and wait
    call %command%
    %0 background
    goto end

    rem leave control to command
    goto end

    rem rerun after output redirection (for run as a service)
    set output="%LS_HOME%\logs\LS.out"
    %0 run 1>> %output% 2>&1
    goto end

    rem leave control to command
    goto end

    rem call command in a separate window and leave
    if not "%OS%" == "Windows_NT" goto noTitle
    start "Lightstreamer Server" %command%
    goto end
    start %command%
    goto end

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    Hi Ahmed,

    Thank you for provide us with the launch script in use.

    I note that you have left the factory settings for the java options. I was afraid that the low value of free heap was due to a too low value set for -Xmx; but then was probably due to internal strategies of the JVM for memory allocation. The current Momitor shows values more appropriate.

    Anyway, you could consider to set larger values for -Xms and -Xmx according to the amount of total physical memory available in your system. Please refer here for the Java default values.




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