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    What does this message actually mean? Content length setting too small

    Content length setting of 500000 too small even for a single event; using 3047883


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    Hi BKnight,

    The message states that the Lighstreamer server needs to send to a client an UpdateEvent larger that the max content length chosen for the streaming connection in use (500000 is the defualt value).
    In this case the server proceeds with a larger HTTP content-length; in your case 3047883.

    You can configure the content length both on the server side, in the <content_length> section of lightstreamer_conf.xml configuration file, and on client side, please refer to specific API reference. In case of a different value is requested by a client the server choose the lowest.

    But please consider that a single event of 3047883 bytes is quite unusual, could you confirm that you do not have the possibility to reduce the size? Maybe you are transferring an binary object encoded?
    Furthermore please note that the problems with the content length are excluded in the case of use of WebSockets.




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