I am using these two providers:

com.lightstreamer.adapters.metadata.LiteralBasedPr ovider
com.lightstreamer.adapters.remote.data.NetworkedDa taProvider

I am building an adapter in PHP that speaks with the NetworkedDataProvider. So far everything is working out nicely, but for the life of me can't see how to enable the authentication layer. I understand how to handle the incoming packets, but I am not seeing them in the request channel. I am constantly polling the socket for new requests, but not getting any. In the JavaScript client, I have enabled auth by setting the username/password. From what I gather, authentication is delt with in the Metadata layer, but I don't see where to enable it.

Any pointers much appreciated!


Erik Osterman


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<adapters_conf id="COMET">
      <param name="request_reply_port">7001</param>
      <param name="notify_port">7002</param>
      <param name="timeout">36000000</param>