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    Angry Multiple Data Provides

    In the trial version of Lighstreamer, is it possible to use adapter sets for .NET? I need to have multiple data providers under a single adapter. Could you please provide an example XML file showing this configuration. By the way, I am using the adapter.xml file provided in the HelloWorld example as a starting point.

    Thanks in advance.

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    you can use multiple .net data adapters within a single adapter set. You just have to configure the adapters.xml correctly so that it can connect to your remote .net adapters.


    note the name property of the <data_provider> element

    obviously you have to configure your second data adapter to use port 6663 and 6664 instead of using 6661 and 6662.

    From a client point of view you must now set the adapter name to receive data from the desired data adapter:

    note the setDataAdapter call

    hope that helps



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