I have been using the ARI specifications to create a Remote Java Data Provider for Lightstreamer (based around the DotNetAdapter). Everything seems to work well when I send an update by Map but the updates don't make it to the client when I update by Item Event.

As far as I can tell the only difference in the message being sent to Lightstreamer is the UD2 method tag for ItemEvents and UD3 for Maps:

1231052165724|UD2|S|itemtest|S|10000011fca8dcc88|B|0|S|Last|S|lastV alue|S|Next|S|nextValue|S|Now|S|currentValue

1231052165724|UD3|S|itemtest|S|10000011fca8dcc88|B|0|S|Last|S|lastV alue|S|Next|S|nextValue|S|Now|S|currentValue

Maybe I am doing something wrong? I can't find any details about update by Event/IndexedEvent in the documentation. Can you provide an example of the message format for each or maybe a link to some documentation?

Are there any benefits using an ItemEvent over a Map?