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    Data Provider Protocol Method Tags

    I have been using the ARI specifications to create a Remote Java Data Provider for Lightstreamer (based around the DotNetAdapter). Everything seems to work well when I send an update by Map but the updates don't make it to the client when I update by Item Event.

    As far as I can tell the only difference in the message being sent to Lightstreamer is the UD2 method tag for ItemEvents and UD3 for Maps:

    1231052165724|UD2|S|itemtest|S|10000011fca8dcc88|B|0|S|Last|S|lastV alue|S|Next|S|nextValue|S|Now|S|currentValue

    1231052165724|UD3|S|itemtest|S|10000011fca8dcc88|B|0|S|Last|S|lastV alue|S|Next|S|nextValue|S|Now|S|currentValue

    Maybe I am doing something wrong? I can't find any details about update by Event/IndexedEvent in the documentation. Can you provide an example of the message format for each or maybe a link to some documentation?

    Are there any benefits using an ItemEvent over a Map?


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    I can't find any reason why the UD2 method shouldn't work.
    If you had just replicated the message, as in the snippet shown, so that two identical messages were sent, then you might have received only one update to the client because of filtering, if MERGE mode was used.

    Anyway, updates by Event and IndexedEvent are no longer documented since ARI version 1.1 build 22, because, in fact, they offer no advantage over the UD3 method
    (though they are still recognized by the Proxy Adapter).



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