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    Question Delay in retrieving data


    We are using this code to subscribe data from lightstreamer,

    var tableInfo = new SimpleTableInfo("ix" + _currentStocks.IndexID,
    "MERGE", "IndexClose HighValue LowValue IndexValue TradedVolume", true)
    { DataAdapter = "PROXY_MarketDataAdapter" };

    _subKey = Tabee3Client.client.SubscribeTable(tableInfo, this, false);

    but we are facing a huge delay between submit subscribe and the first time the data received.

    how to solve this issue or what the best method to request data from lightstreamer.


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    Nothing should delay the first update after a subscription request, unless there are tight bandwidth limits.
    You can trace the subscription and the subsequent update on the Server by setting the LightstreamerLogger.subscriptions and LightstreamerLogger.push loggers at DEBUG level.
    We can help you analyzing the log, if needed.

    Are you using a Remote Data Adapter? In that case, we may have to extend the trace to that part as well.

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    How to
    update on the Server by setting the LightstreamerLogger.subscriptions and LightstreamerLogger.push loggers at DEBUG level?

    This is the log file for the 03-07-2014
    which that error occur.


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    Hi NewSoft,

    In order to update the log configuration of your Lightstreamer server you should change the loggers definition statements in the "lightstreamer_log_conf.xml" file under the <LS_HOME>/conf folder.
    In your case please replace the factory settings for the two loggers with something like this:

    Log configuration change doesn't need a server restart, but in your case, please restart the server and try to reproduce the issue. If you supply us the log, please indicate the time at which the problem occurs.

    In any case in the log file of July 3, we found two particular evidences that might be related to the issue.

    First, we can find in the log several messages like this:

    03-Jul-14 15:53:10,310|WARN |LightstreamerLogger.scheduler    |Timer-1                    |Current delay for tasks scheduled on thread pool SERVER is 50 seconds
    Please note that this would explain the slowness in accepting new connections, reply to subscription and consequently send back the snapshot.

    The most common cause for these messages is due to delays in the replies from Remote Metadata/Data Adapters to the server requests. Mainly, the request involved is notifyUser, getItems, getSchema, subscribe and unsubscribe.
    From your log it seems that the request the most involved is unsubscribe. Please check if you can find evidence of these delays in the Remote Adapter side.
    To address this situation might be helpful to set the SERVER pool with larger dimension, but perhaps before making decisions we should know more.

    Second, we can find in the log several messages like this:

    Unexpected UPDATE event for key 106-p1-8. Event propagated as an ADD command.
    This message states that a UPDATE event is pushed in the server for a key that has never been added for that Item. This may indicate that the Adapter is not perfectly aligned with the status of the subscriptions of the server.




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