We have developed a tool with subscribe to all trades to save it and calculate the intraday data but some thing happend that make the client call the event OnFailure(PushServerException e) and after that the connection is forcibly closed and the e.Source = null and e.Message = "No data from server"

we subscribe using this code
const string cells = "TradePrice TradeVolume TradeTime";
var tableInfo = new SimpleTableInfo(GetStocks(), "COMMAND", cells, true)
{ DataAdapter = "PROXY_MarketBeat" };
_subKey = Connection.Client.SubscribeTable(tableInfo, this, false);

the GetStocks() returns string like "ts1 ts2 ts3" have 168 item and we handle the OnUpdate(int itemPos, string itemName, IUpdateInfo update) event

but befour the OnFailure event called the OnActivityWarning(bool warningOn) event called with warningOn = True

How to solve this problem?
What is the best method to do that?