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    Getting PushServerException SYNC_ERROR under Https load test of Lightstreamer server


    I am getting the following error when running some load tests on lightstreamer server.
    The client (java) that i am using connects to the Lightstreamer server using HTTPS.
    Basically, i am running multiple concurrent clients , and sometimes getting the following error:

    com.lightstreamer.ls_client.PushServerException: Session not found
    at com.lightstreamer.ls_client.PushServerTranslator.c heckAnswer(
    at com.lightstreamer.ls_client.PushServerProxy.resync Session(
    at com.lightstreamer.ls_client.ServerManager.rebind(S
    at com.lightstreamer.ls_client.ServerManager$SessionA ctivityManager.resumeSession( 7)
    at com.lightstreamer.ls_client.ServerManager$SessionA ctivityManager.runSession(
    at com.lightstreamer.ls_client.ServerManager$SessionA ctivityManager.access$200(
    at com.lightstreamer.ls_client.ServerManager$SessionA ctivityManager$

    on further investigation i found out that the onDataError method of ConnectionListener (i pass in my own implementation to the client) class is getting called , with a PushServerException which has an error code of 8 . This error maps to SYNC_ERROR.
    the javadoc is not very clear as to under what circumstances such an error appear.
    i didnt see this error when clients connected using HTTP.
    can someone shed some light as to what this error message means,.

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    The client is trying to rebind to the session after the previous streaming connection has consumed the content-length.
    The SYNC ERROR means that the Server could not find the session; you should be able to find corresponding log lines in the Server log.
    This usually happens because the client is very slow (probably because of the load of your load test) and it issues the rebind request with a significant delay.

    Note that, if the test is for the Server, overloading the client process may affect the test outcome. If overloading the client is part of the test, then the <session_timeout_mills> setting on the Server can be increased.

    Also, rebind operations, if they are not intended as part of the test, can be suppressed by increasing the <content_length> setting on the Server.



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