Hi guys,

We have a web app that uses multiple Lightstreamer data adapters. The application also allows you to open multiple browser windows. When opening a new window you get taken to a page that connects to Lightstreamer.

When you open one of these windows from a page already connected to Lightstreamer (but to a different data adapter) the following warning appears:

ER changeStatus Warning: there is probably another web application connected to the same Lightstreamer Server within this browser instance. That could prevent the current application from connecting to the server. Please close the other application to unblock the current one.

When closing the alert, the page connects to Lightstreamer as expected. This happens in both Firefox and Internet Explorer. My questions are:

1) Are there any settings we can use at the client (or server) to prevent the warning message from being displayed?

2) Are there any risks in connecting to different data adapters with the same session? Do we need to configure the server to cope with this?