INCOMING DATA for D~D --> {t=-1.0, h=-1.0, vo=-1, mi=-1.0, lst=null, P=-1.0, status=0, l=-1.0, c=0.0, sl=D, e=D, q=-1, lt=-1.0, dc=1, bq=-1, pg=0.0, ap=-1.0, bb=-1.0}
03-Feb-09 11:13:15,906 |DEBUG|LightstreamerLogger.subscriptions|Simple updates queue |Manager: com.lightstreamer.c.kb@149105b
03-Feb-09 11:13:15,906 |WARN |LightstreamerLogger.preprocessor |Simple updates queue |Unexpected snapshot event for MERGE item D~D
03-Feb-09 11:13:15,906 |TRACE|LightstreamerLogger.pump |PUMP POOLED THREAD 2 |Pumping event in session S425f52b86927c020T1220500: d(2,1,3,"","","","","","","-1","","","-1","-1.0","","","null");
03-Feb-09 11:13:15,906 |TRACE|LightstreamerLogger.push |PUMP POOLED THREAD 2 |RELEASING DATA --> <script>d(2,1,3,"","","","","","","-1","","","-1","-1.0","","","null");</script>

My web client does not receive any value in the onItemUpdate event. Can this be caused by my web client or my MetaAdapter. My Data Adapter implements DataProvider and I use update(itemName, currentValue, isSnapshot) is called in onEvent. In both snapshot requierd and not required settings this happens.