Hi there,

I'm running Lightstreamer to push high-frequency data, which is updated per second, to browsers. I'm using the LS Javascript library to get the messages from the LS server.

To measure the browser memory usage, I ran my web page in Firefox 3(FF3) and IE7 for a few hours. I noticed the commit memory for IE7 was quite stable over the time. But the commit memory for FF3 has been increasing throughout. The Resource Monitor on Vista showed FF3 incremented about 100KB memory per second. If I stopped the Lightstreamer server, hence there is no message to the browser, the memory increase also stopped.

To isolate the issue, I turned off other javascript code. I also commented out "pushTable.onItemUpdate = myUpdateItem;" so that there is no handler to process the LS messages. But FF3 continues to increment the memory consumption as messages are pushed from the server.

Here are some memory data I collected for FF3 and IE7. It seems IE7 is doing OK.

Right after opening the webpage: 130MB(FF3) 142MB(IE7)
Running for 2 hour 40 mins: 255MB(FF3) 148MB(IE7)
Running for 3 hour 20 mins: 273MB(FF3) 148MB(IE7)

Can anyone please advise?