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    LS cannot connect in phonegap-winphone app


    I use LS javascript sdk in my app that is built for winphone 8+ by phonegap (cordova).

    When I test with desktop browser, it works fine.
    When I test with IE mobile in winphone 8, it works fine.
    It also works fine as Android app (wrapped by phonegap).

    But when I run app wrapped by phonegap in my winphone device, it cannot work.

    After investigation, I found this command does not work: LightStreamerClient.connect();
    There is no error, no exception, no log message.

    Looking into html page elements, I found that LS cannot append its <iframe> tag into page body as normal.

    My device is Nokia Lumia 520, windows phone 8.0.10517.150.
    I use Lightstreamer 5.1.1 build 20140310 Moderator.
    I use Weinre to see log message and inspect html elements.
    Cordova 3.5.0

    How do I solve it? Thanks in advance.
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