I've been reading the documentation and I want to get some advice on how to implement my Data adapters.

I have 2 sources of data. One will push statistical sampling data and news, while another will be pushing state updates such as stock quotes.

I plan is to connect to these data source through a socket and whenever I receive data from those sockets I push an update to my clients subscribing to my data adapter.

Is it best to make one data adapter per data source? Should I make one data adapter for the statistical sampling, while another for state updates and stock quotes?

For pushing stock quotes, I was planning to have my Items uniquely identified by the stock symbol (ie. MSFT, AAPL) and when my clients subscribe they'll just pass the symbols as the itemName to subscribe to. But I realized my data source will be pumping out data for different stocks and not all messages from my data source needs to be pushed out. Does that mean my data adapter has to keep a listing of all items subscribed and only do an update if the message from the data source is for items subscribed to the data adapater?