Hello there,

i downloaded (www.lightstreamer.com/downloadfree.htm) and installed the Lightstreamer Moderato Edition 5.1.1. and i want to use it free for production purposes. But when i start the Lightstreamer, the command line says:
"23.Mai.14 12:34:13,773 <ERROR> Missing license configuration parameters in configuration file.
23.Mai.14 12:34:13,777 <ERROR> No license configured
23.Mai.14 12:34:13,778 < WARN> A proper Free License was not configured. Server starting in unregistered mode. Get your Free License from http://www.lightstreamer.com/downloadfree.htm
23.Mai.14 12:34:13,780 < WARN> Lightstreamer Server in unregistered mode only supports a 60 minutes lifetime. After that time the Server will be shut down.
23.Mai.14 12:34:13,783 < INFO> Lightstreamer Server starting in Moderato edition"

What do i need to do, to use the free license, which should be delivered in the Moderato version?

stay tuned,