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    do you receive the call on the node adapter?

    If not please verify if all the required configurations are set based on your case:

    In some cases you'll see that <protected_js> set to N might be required (e.g. Different Hosts + Same Protocol + Cookie Require + Old Browser). I'm not sure if I can help you in these cases. Which browser are you testing with?

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    Hi yes,

    I am recieving the call just fine. Here is my code:

    var HOST = 'localhost';
    var METADATA_PORT = 6662;
    var REQ_RESP_PORT = 6663;
    var WRITE_PORT = 6664;

    var reqRespStream = net.createConnection(REQ_RESP_PORT, HOST);
    var notifyStream = net.createConnection(WRITE_PORT, HOST);
    var metadataStream = net.createConnection(METADATA_PORT, HOST);

    var MetadataProvider = require('lightstreamer-adapter').MetadataProvider,
    DataProvider = require('lightstreamer-adapter').DataProvider,
    dataProvider = new DataProvider(reqRespStream, notifyStream, function(){return true;}),
    metadataProvider = new MetadataProvider(metadataStream,{
    distinctSnapLen: 30,
    itemAllowedModes: {distinct: true},
    userAllowedModes: {distinct: true}

    metadataProvider.on('notifyUser', function(request, response){

    doneNotifyUser is repeatedly logged to the console.

    In the client the StatusWidget displays 'Connecting...' and i see the following logs repeatedly (as it keeps attempting to establish the session):

    GET https://localhost/lightstreamer/create_session.js [HTTP/1.1 200 OK 7ms]
    GET https://localhost/lightstreamer/create_session.js [HTTP/1.1 200 OK 4ms]
    GET https://localhost/lightstreamer/xhr.html [HTTP/1.1 304 Not Modified 2ms]

    Again, to be clear, if when the above is happening I simply remove the following line:

    client.connectionOptions.setCookieHandlingRequired (true);

    and refresh the cleint (without ever restarting my server or the lightstreamer server)

    The LS client connects just fine.

    I also added the following listener:

    (errorCode,errorMessage) {

    console.log('Lightstreamer server error');

    but again i do not see any error messages logged from here.

    So in summary, the problem seems very related to the line: client.connectionOptions.setCookieHandlingRequired (true);

    When this is there I get the call in notifyUser but the subscription is never successful. When i remove this line without changing anything else the client connects perfectly.

    As I mentioned with details in a previous post the only thing that is different in the request is the headers. They are different by more than just the cookie which is quite confusing.

    Please let me know what you think I should try next?

    my conf is as follows:


    I am using the latest version of firefox: 29.0.1

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    regarding the document I linked (this one: ) which one is your case (ie your row)?

    can you paste a snippet from the Lightstreamer server log?



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