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    multiple data adapters

    consider the following scenario

    I have 3 sets of data to be live updated in the same page by 2 LightStreamer Servers.
    All 3 sets have alternative traditional polling sources, which should be used in case of LS server down or user preference.

    2 of these 3 sets are fed by a single LS server using 2 two data adapters.

    Is it feasible to control[Live update + switch between traditional polling sources and LS] all 3 sections independently?

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    you can't feed the same page with two different Lightstreamer server. If you need to do so, you should divide your page so that the part that connects to a second LS server is isolated in an iframe. Let me know if you need assistance on this.

    Sorry but I don't understand what you mean with "control all 3 sections independently".

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    thanks Mone, I got it.

    if I forget the third set of data[which supposed to be fed by a second LS server] there won't be any problem to control [i mean switch between traditional server and LS server] other two sets of data.



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