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    cross domain between http and https


    I'm using LS Moderato edition as the stream server, and using the LS Javascript library as the client. My web pages and LS Javascript library are served from through https. My LS Moderato is running on through http.

    With this configuration, I was unable to connect my javascript code to Moderato server. Can anyone please advise whether this configuration is feasible?

    Note, I was able to connect my javascript code to Moderato if both hosts are using http. I'm wondering whether there is any cross domain setup so that the https downloaded javascript could talk to the http LS server.


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    Hi riwang,

    I'm sorry but as per the same origin policy an https page cannot gather data from an http one:
    you have to set both servers to use the same protocol. In your case, since Moderato does not support https you have to serve your pages through simple http.

    Hope that helps.



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