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    Difference between connection and session in Monitor Console

    Hi Forum,

    Can anyone help to describe the difference between connection and session in Lightstreamer Monitor Console? If possible then need for a documentation to understand each item in the monitor console. Is it possible to get the number of connection from any metadata provider (number of session are possible but others are not possible in Allegro that i know). Thanks.


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    Hi Shabbir,

    You can find the description of connection and session in Lightstreamer General Concepts in chapter 2, Lightstreamer Glossary.
    Basically a connection represent the actual tcp connection between a client and the server, while a session represent the communication between a client and the server at a more higher level. This means that it is possible that different stream connections follow each other in binding to a session. Moreover you'll find also the distinction between 'Stream connection' and 'Control connection', how they relate to the session, and how the session relates to the Adapter Set.

    In Lightstreamer General Concepts you'll find also the description of the monitoring Data Adapter (chapter 4.2.1, 'An internal Data Adapter: the monitoring Data Adapter') and all the internal Server statistics and monitoring data published by it.
    Actually the Monitoring Console does not shows all of these items, but your client can always request the items you need.

    More detailed informations for each Data Adapter are supplied by the JMX Management API, available with the Vivace edition. You can find more details at JMX API Reference and in particular the AdapterSetMBean Interface
    Hope this helps, but for any doubt or question or if you need more details, please, don't hesitate to ask.






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