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    Pull data from txt file to lighstreamer (NEWBIE)

    My data feed provider has giving me a .txt file that looks like this:

    And yeah - I don't know why the to last numbers and symbols are the same. :S
    But how do I make a remote adapter for this? I've tried to look at older threads, but I thinks it's very complex to code, and I simply don't understand the system - I have only experience with PHP.

    Can one of you administrator maybe give me some help?

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    I assume that you can control what your feed provider produces.
    So, you must have asked for AUDCZK, CZKAUD, AUDDKK and DKKAUD in some way
    and you must have asked for CZKAUD and DKKAUD twice in some way.

    Hence, you should find an algorithm to have your PHP adapter:
    • forward 'SUB' and 'USB' messages received from the Server as requests to your feed; the "item names" requested by the clients and carried by the 'SUB' and 'USB' messages have to be known by your feed (one could be 'AUDCZK', for instance)
    • forward the files received from the feed back to the Server, through 'UD3' messages; note that you have to supply names for the fields: if your feed does not supply field names, your PHP adapter should assign proper names, so that the clients can ask for specific fields

    If you don't understand the concepts used in the ARI protocol documentation, you might need to read a more introductory document, as
    DOCS-SDKs\General Concepts.pdf
    The ARI protocol documentation also does not cover the meaning of the message arguments in detail, because a reading of the java interface documentation is assumed. We expect that specific knowledge of java is not a prerequisite for an understanding of the function arguments meaning.



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