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    JavaScript to Node API

    I'm confused by the documentation and the examples. The documentation suggests there is a getDataItem function but I can't find a concrete API documentation or sample code that uses it. The examples use sendMessage on the client which is received as a notifyUser on the server, but I can't find documentation that describes that mapping. I think I want to use getDataItem to request asynchronous data from the server but I can't figure out how to do it. Does anybody have any specific examples of a client requesting one-shot data, and the server responding directly to a single user once?

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    Hi mbenson,

    Please can you confirm that there was a typo and you mean the getItemData method?
    In any case, in order to implement a one-to-one comunication you should use the notifyUserMessage to receive the request sent by the client through the sendmessage.
    Then you should create a personal Item, for example customizing it in the getItems method, on which the client is subscribed and push the reply on it.

    For an example of one-to-one comunication please refer to this demo (technology used is JavaScript for the client side and Java for the server side).

    Please, let us know if you need further clarification.




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