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    Talking JSP failing in LightStreamer

    I created a new sample project with index.html as my first page.

    For some reason, i wanted to run a jsp file instead of html.

    So i placed index.jsp into the project folder (where index.html was placed before).

    Now the JSP page returns HTTP 404 Status Error.I have attached a screenshot for reference.

    Guys, Kindly help !!

    Thanks a lot !
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    Lightstreamer Server contains an internal web server that is able to serve static web resources. But actually it is only for demo purpose and to get started with Lightstreamer development.
    Lightstreamer is optimized for pushing real-time data, not for serving static pages and the internal web server is not intended to be used in production scenarios, where it is highly recommended to use an external web server.
    You can find more details in section 2.1 "Deployment Architecture" of JavaScript Client Guide []
    Above all, the internal web server is not a JSP container, so it is not able to process a request to a jsp.
    It is not clear to me if your index.jsp file is actually a html file just renamed with the .jsp extension and if you want just to view the .jsp file as a static file. In this case you have to specify in the URL the file name, so something like http://localhot:8080/HelloWorld/index.jsp, because the internal web server is able to resolve file names like index.html or index.htm but not index.jsp.




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