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    GWT CellTable ListProvider Patterns with Lightstreamer


    Is there an example on changing LightStreamer's GWT integration item update process from pushing out at the field change level (item/field/value pairing) to an item changed level, as I believe the LS server sends down in JSON sets.

    Basically I am trying to marry LS's integration piece with multiple GWT CellTables. The CellTables which are basically different views(filters) on the same master list which is being populated by LightStreamer.

    My thought was to have a Items Cache which is populated by LightStreamer, with a pup/sub process publish the changes to all the CellTable/ListDataProviders views. However, I am worried that the field level publication is going to break GWT's ListDataProvider's optimization to only repaint the CellTable's at the end of a current event block. In this case the event block seems like it would be at every field update.
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