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    I did some investigation of log, and i have no warning messages like these
    "Unexpected snapshot event for COMMAND item ..."

    Before i do more investigation, i would like know your suggestion for the case.

    - We start the LS
    - User opens the browser after a few seconds aftre, asking for Snapshot,
    new Subscription("COMMAND", "Abbruzzo", cellList);

    - We return 2 cities as the Snapshot.
    update.Add("command", "ADD");
    _listener.OnEvent(Abbruzzo, update(Aquila), true);

    update.Add("command", "ADD");
    _listener.OnEvent(Abbruzzo, update(Lanciano), true);


    - After that we get notified that a new city is built and we send:
    update.Add("command", "ADD");
    _listener.OnEvent(Abbruzzo, Filetto, true);

    - User does browser refresh
    - User have all the cities in Snapshot and right order of events.

    In case of returning the new city Lanciano like this:
    update.Add("command", "ADD");
    _listener.OnEvent(Abbruzzo, update(Lanciano), false);
    user gets wrong order of events after browser refresh.
    It seems only the first time, after browser Refresh.

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