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    Expose Lightstreamer over local network (cabled)


    I am a complete newbie when it comes to setting up servers and such so I was hoping someone could help me with this.. I have the newest version of Lightstreamer Vivace (5.1.1 - eval license) and have set it up on a PC with Windows 8 (not 8.1). It works perfectly when running locally and using the Lightstreamer server itself as a webserver.

    What I am going to do is to perform load tests of the Lightstreamer server with clients running on another machine connected to the server machine via cable. From what I have understood, this requires me to "split up" the Lightstreamer application, using a web server to serve the static files and have the Lightstreamer server running by itself. I've looked at this: , but this seems to be an outdated document - I cannot find a misc.js file nor a folder called commons for that matter.

    So - what I was hoping to get, is a step-by-step explanation to get me up and running.. The server I was hoping to use is just a simple node.js express server, but if I need a more "full" server like apache or so, I'll just install it.

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    Never mind! Just noticed that the log from starting the server actually says "Lightstreamer HTTP Server" listening to *:8080" and not "localhost:8080", so then I can get to the Lightstreamer "built in" web server from another machine. This is the ideal set up for my tests, so then I don't need to use a separate web server!

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    Hi, We confirm that we recommend to "split up" the Lightstreamer application, but only for the final production deployment.
    So, if you just need to use static pages, you can use LS internal Web Server for development and test.
    As it is not optimized, your performance tests should not rely on it for their results.
    By the way, the cited document refers to LS version 4.x; in 5.x the matter has been simplified, but the recommendation remains.




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