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    Lightstreamer in background? [WinRT]


    Is there a recommended approach or any suggestions on the best way to incorporate Lightstreamer into a background task? The tasks are triggered in a variety of ways, the most typical of which being time (+/- 15 minute variance) but I'm not sure what the best approach for Lightstreamer would be. The primary goal is to update a Livetile and create toasts as new pertinent updates are sent out but the standard approach seems hard to adapt to a background thread which will continue to function when the app is shut down.

    It seems like it might be possible to adapt polling to work, but the long interval and thread shutdown in between periods might cause complications.


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    If I understood your requirement what you can try to do is to ask for a deferral ( ), then connect to Lightstreamer in the asynchronous call and never return it.
    Just pay attention to not keep too many deferrals pending.

    Give it a try and let us know how it goes.



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