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    Question Any Filtering Mehod for some specific user?

    Hi there~
    Im making an application using Java & javascript

    Is there any way to filter some specific subscription?

    here is my scenario.

    User A sets to get subscriptions category AA and BB
    User B sets to get subscriptions category AA and CC

    in my java side, i select data from a table include AA, BB and CC

    Both users A and B are seeing a same page
    myClient = new LightstreamerClient("http://localhost:8999","HELLOWORLD");

    User B doesn't want to get a category BB subscription.

    Should I filter from the javascript side?
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    You simply have to publish AA BB and CC to different items and then let each client subscribe only to the items it is interestred in.

    As an example you can see this demo subscribes to items 1 to 15, while this one subscribes to item 1 to 10. Obviously any combination is possible

    Does this answer your question?




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