Hi all,

I'm having trouble connecting to a host using the WinRT SDK. It connects fine from the Android client on an emulator on the same machine. However, when connecting from a Win8 emulator, calling client.OpenConnection results in a PushConnException being thrown. The exception only says "Unable to connect to the remote server".

Everything seems pretty straightforward except possibly the SSL stuff, so my suspicion is that using the self-signed cert might be causing issues in some manner but am having trouble analyzing further from this particular error.

Some code/settings (replacing actual host path with placeholder value, but real one is still https:

public void Start(string pushServerUrl, int phase, ILightstreamerListener listener) {
            this._started = true;
            FidelityConnectionListener ls = new FidelityConnectionListener(listener, phase);

            ConnectionInfo connInfo = new ConnectionInfo();
            connInfo.User = App.user;
            connInfo.Password = App.password;
            connInfo.PushServerUrl = pushServerUrl;
            connInfo.Adapter = App.adapter;
            client.OpenConnection(connInfo, ls);

private const string pushServerHost = "https://server1.myhost.com:8443";
SSL added in app manifest by adding a "Certificates" declaration in Package.appxmanifest and then setting the info for the actual cert to:

Store Name: CA (also tried root)
Content: path/to/cert (also tried moving it directly into the project tree and updating the path)

the pushServerUrl, the user, the password, and the adapter all match the Android version which is working. In addition, the connection attempt is not even appearing in the server logs.

Any thoughts on what potential root causes might be for this problem?