I'm currently writing a master thesis on web application frameworks for real-time communication, and as a part of that, I want to do load tests of different frameworks. I do this by using several browser windows with several connections from each, and have so far successfully tested SignalR, Socket.IO and Playframework (which is a real-time enabled MVC framework). I think I have implemented my Lightstreamer server correctly and the client as well, since everything works - but slowly..

By logging a message to the console each time an event is received (onItemUpdate event of the subscription), it seems that the server only sends an event every second. I cannot find anything about this i the documentation nor in the lightstreamer_conf.xml file. Are there some "secret" settings i can adjust so that the server does not do this?

I'm using RAW subscription mode by the way, and since I want to reuse a lot of the client from each implementation of the load test, i subscribe to two items: one for broadcasting and one for "echo", both have one field which is the json data sent from the server. I've tried with MERGE and DISTINCT as well. DISTINCT gave same result as RAW, and with MERGE, only some of the messages sent to the server, was sent back for some reason..