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    Live Video Encoding Services

    dear sir/madam

    I'm a communication engineer working in a TV channel , in our channel we use SNG(satellite news gathering ) to broadcast our live news I want to use a product of your company to broadcast our live news

    Equipment that I have

    1- DeckLink 4K Extreme (
    3-and the product of your company that I will install it on the computer.
    The connection

    The camera gives me an SDI output this output I will connect it to the Decling 4k extreme input
    New the turns of your product, can your product deals with the DeckLink 4K Extreme ?

    Or can I tell your product to take the photo from the DeckLink 4K Extreme

    Card then send it to a specific client?

    I will receive the photo or video that I will sent on IP receiver

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    Lightstreamer does not support video streaming out of the box. It might but you'd have to encode the video stream into text data (eg using base64) on the server and then decode it on the client, plus you'll need a way to get the decoded stream and feed it to a player.





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