When trying to connect to our client's LS server, we receive the error described in this android dev document:

We are attempting to solve it using their proposed solution- registering the cert in the applications custom TrustManager.
This example is also from the dev doc referenced above:

// Load CAs from an InputStream
// (could be from a resource or ByteArrayInputStream or ...)
CertificateFactory cf =CertificateFactory.getInstance("X.509");

InputStream caInput =newBufferedInputStream(newFileInputStream("local.cer"));
Certificate ca;
    ca = cf.generateCertificate(caInput);
    System.out.println("ca="+((X509Certificate) ca).getSubjectDN());

// Create a KeyStore containing our trusted CAs
String keyStoreType =KeyStore.getDefaultType();
KeyStore keyStore =KeyStore.getInstance(keyStoreType);
keyStore.setCertificateEntry("ca", ca);

// Create a TrustManager that trusts the CAs in our KeyStore
String tmfAlgorithm =TrustManagerFactory.getDefaultAlgorithm();
TrustManagerFactory tmf =TrustManagerFactory.getInstance(tmfAlgorithm);

// Create an SSLContext that uses our TrustManager
SSLContext context =SSLContext.getInstance("TLS");
context.init(null, tmf.getTrustManagers(),null);
Uaually the SSLContext is provided to a UriConnection...

// Tell the URLConnection to use a SocketFactory from our SSLContext
URL url =new URL("https://certs.cac.washington.edu/CAtest/");
HttpsURLConnection urlConnection =
How do we get android's LSClient to use this SSLContext which is aware of our self signed cert? Or, is there a way to get our application to use some sort of globally provided HttpsURLConnection?