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    Permissions in Lightstreamer javascript

    Hi there,

    I have a web, this web has 2 users: admin and user1.
    My web got 3 items. Now i want user1 only see 2 items. and only the admin can see all 3 items.

    I know that i can generate HTML code from server side. Like if authenticate as user1, 2 items will be returned.
    --> But this is Javascript, i mean user1 will know the script and he will code for himself a script that will collect all 3 items. They can manually add the code below to the web page (item "greetings"). And of course, i dont want him to see this "greetings" item.
    <div source="lightstreamer" table="hellotable" item="greetings" field="message">loading...</div>
    Please show me the solutions for this

    I know that Lighstreamer has authentication mechasim. But if i use that, how can i pass the password to the web page html without being noticed by users?
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