Hi lightstreamer team !

We are using DynaMetapushTable for receiving updates for around 500 Stocks in COMMAND mode where entries may be added/updated.

After we subscribe to another group of stocks in the same table before receiving all 500 stocks from previous group, the remainig stocks from group1 gets mixed with group2.

I've tried to clear all data by setting:

and also before subscribing to another group I've also removed previous table:

I've also tried removing visual effects, but there is no change.

On my page I have a select box witch lets users subscribe to another group of stocks in COMMAND mode, and if the user changes a group of stocks before receiving all stocks from previous group, user receives a mix of stocks from previous group.
The only solution I see now is to wait for all stocks to get loaded witch takes about 30 secs and then let user subscribe to another group.

I'm not sure how to fix this problem.

Any help is very appreciated!