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    Apache localhost vs machine name lookup


    I want to browse to the page using my machine name instead of localhost after launching the LS server.

    currently I can browse all demos using address http://localhost:8090(it works fine using redhat enterprise 5.0 / apache

    but if I browse to stocklistdemo using my machine name (consider my machine name: Raptor) address http://Raptor:8090/the page is not displaying (broken link error

    what changes should I do display the page by using my machine name address instead of localhost ?

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    There is no such limitation.
    As long as all the static pages which make up the application are hosted by Lightstreamer Server and the domain setting sets null,
    as in the included demos,
    you could use whichever valid address, including the numeric IP address.

    Please provide us with more details on the issue.
    Can you access the index page through "telnet"?

    Just in case, we remind you that this type of deployment is only supported for testing purpose.



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