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    SYNC Error on bind_session

    I am trying to interact with the text api to a lightstreamer server. I am following the doc pretty closely in instructions and for some reason I only get SYNC ERROR back. I can create a session fine, but the session can't seem to be used anywhere. Example:

    # Next request:

    I don't have direct access to the server logs so I am not sure what this could mean. The docs suggest that this error is in response to a bad session id, but the session ID is coming straight from the create_session call.

    Is there something I am doing wrong?

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    Hi shifter1

    Are you interacting to a lightstreamer server by hand? I mean: It's actually you, not a program, which is sending the requests to the server?
    I'm asking this because the server has a limited timeout, and it waits for client request only for a limited time, after which it closes the connection.
    By default this timeout is configured for 10sec, but obviously, if you are interacting manually, you have to increase this value.
    To change the <session_timeout_millis> configuration parameter, you need access to the server, because you have to update the lightstreamer_conf.xml configuration file, setting the value for <session_timeout_millis> at 36000000, and than restart the server.
    (this has to be done on a test serves; not a production one)





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