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Thread: Message queuing

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    Message queuing

    A consultant talked us about your product.
    Till now we have been using Microsoft MSMQ in orther to synchronize clients, and it owns, as maybe you already know, some nice feature as "diconnected" messaging that let server outgoning queues doing some kind of buffering.
    What about lightstreamer? Do you have some kind of message buffering?
    Just for your information, we cannot let our system to loose messages, because synchronisation and sequence it's a necessary feature for our application.

    Thank you


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    The goal of Lightstreamer is not to synchronize the client with the server state,
    but, rather, to keep the client up to date with the latest server state,
    overcoming possible network limitations and client (i.e. browser) limitations.
    Upon a disconnection or an interruption of the data flow, the goal is to refresh the client state with the current state on the server, rather than to playback on the client all the events occurred on the server during the interruption.

    Hence, Lightstreamer does not offer full "guaranteed delivery", but it proposes its own approach to guaranteed delivery, as explained in this FAQ.

    Note that the above concerns server-to-client communication.
    For client-to-server communication the support is more limited and client application code has to explicitly send each single message and wait for the outcome. Note that, on web clients, waiting for an outcome will be possible only with the forthcoming 4.4 library release.




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